Updating canadian citizenship card

The application form can also be retrieved at the Embassy of Canada in Lebanon during working hours.

All applications must be submitted in person at the Embassy of Canada in Lebanon.

This means that, in general, persons who were not already Canadian citizens immediately before April 17, 2009 and who were born outside Canada to a Canadian parent are not Canadian if: unless their Canadian parent or grandparent was employed as described in one of the following exceptions to the first generation limit.

The first generation limit to citizenship does not apply to a person born outside Canada in the second or subsequent generation if: Persons born to a Canadian parent who are not eligible for citizenship by descent due to the first generation limit may apply for and obtain permanent resident status and subsequently submit an application for a grant of citizenship under section 5 of the .

We have stopped issuing citizenship cards We no longer give out citizenship cards or the commemorative certificates that came with them.

If you apply to update or replace your citizenship card, we will send you a citizenship certificate. These older citizenship certificates are still valid as proof of Canadian citizenship.

Note: Original citizenship/naturalization certificates and pink transmission copies submitted with your application will not be returned and are retained by IRCC.

If your application is approved, you will only receive your replacement certificate.

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To replace a lost, stolen, or damaged Canadian citizenship certificate, the following documents must be included in addition to a completed application form CIT0001 (PDF): For a child application (under 14 years of age), the Canadian parent or legal custodian must submit the application.

We stopped issuing citizenship cards in February 2012.

If your application is approved, you will receive an updated citizenship certificate instead.

If you are a citizen of another country and you have concerns about whether or not your citizenship status in that country may be affected by applying for a Canadian citizenship certificate, you should inquire with the embassy, high commission or consulate of that country.

On April 17, 2009, the rules for Canadian citizenship changed for persons born outside Canada to Canadian parents and who were not already Canadian citizens when the rules changed.