Suse dns not updating

With SUSE Linux (and Ya ST in particular), it is very easy to build and maintain a DNS server for your network.On most Linux systems, BIND (the DNS Server Software that SLES uses) is configured through a few simple text files, specifically and a text file for every zone that your server handles.Unfortunately, because of formatting and syntax, these text files can sometimes be very tricky to construct correctly, I have spent many hours mulling over DNS configuration files trying to figure out why BIND won't work.Ya ST allows you to graphically enter all the relevant information you need for your zones, then it will actually construct the file and all your zone files for you.To start the name server, enter the command What, how, and where logging takes place can be extensively configured in BIND.Normally, the default settings should be sufficient. “Entry to Disable Logging” represents the simplest form of such an entry and completely suppresses any logging.

BIND carries out the name resolution via the root name server, a notably slower process.This entry specifies the file where zone data for the domain is located.I had an quite well working system that I decided to update from SLES 11 x86 to SLES11 SP2 x86, the server is an host on an Vm Ware ESX 3.5 server.A properly configured DNS Server will not only allow you to work with computer names instead of IP addresses, but may speed up your Internet queries and give your network speedy name resolutions which may improve your overall network speed.When dealing with Unix based servers, a properly configured DNS server is a must.