Oblivion mod dating

The music alone told me I was in for a treat and it was right, and it's definitely kept me coming back, but nowadays the vanilla version definitely shows its age.I'm excited to see it in skyblivion once it's in a finished state.Most of these dating mods falter because they are too simple.I know this means more work, but this kind of mod will fail without it. -Of course, plenty of scripts and dialog.-Be friends first, and gradually and naturally build up to a relationship.-Take your relationship as far as you like (just friends, casual bf/gf, committed relationship, marriage, sex, etc.)-Lots of thinking and planning involved.Kharazim is strong due to his ability to jump to allies, and grant them movement speed while healing them.I can definitely see this guy making his way into may team compositions for weeks to come.

Updates include a curtain system that allows you to open and close curtain in the house, package tweaks, bug fixes and much more. Literally had more fun in Oblivion than probably any game of the past decade (and come to think of it, Oblivion is very nearly *last* decade - ouch).I played one mod that had "off camera" sex in it and you form a romantic bond with your companion during the course of the quests.There are some more overt sexual mods out there too although I can't tell you anything about themk, I haven't played them.I managed to get my mitts on a slightly modded copy of Morrowblivion recently and its awesome, even on the Oblivion engine.Sadly, I hit a game-crashing bug almost as soon as I left the starting town.