Dating joaquin phoenix reese witherspoon

REESE Witherspoon's career has never been better but a mere five years ago, plenty of people were calling time on the popular actress.The 41-year-old's Hollywood career spans close to three decades and includes an Academy Award for Best Actress, but winning the highest honour in the acting world complicated things.It doesn't take long before she explores his feelings about dating and love after looking at his emails and reading about a breakup.And Theodore grows more and more comfortable with this sultry disembodied voice in the dark."I wish I could touch you," he laments while lying in bed."How would you touch me? They were also photographed leaving the ceremony while holding hands and heading to the same car.

But it's not as depressing as it sounds when his Siri-like assistant, named Samantha, turns out to be voiced by a sensuous Scarlett Johansson.

cast, the duo sat side-by-side inside the ceremony.

Rooney and Joaquin appeared to chat with each other for the duration of the event and even shared a warm embrace when it was announced Joaquin had won best actor.

But I was trying to understand why she was doing that.

So I have to ask you; we're at an event hosted by Joaquin Phoenix, but he has the flu.

Dating joaquin phoenix reese witherspoon