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The only person who would ban Muslims is someone with brain like female chicken.

If you were ever partial to a bit of Ali G, you can be forgiven any trepidation you may feel towards Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest small-to-big-screen translation.

"I have come very serious, I come to make warning to U. and A., the frivolous nincompoops Sacha Cohen has returned,” he said. Cohen spent all the money on orange paint for face and leave no money for wig.” Watch below.

Un resguardo creado por manos locales, contenido por el entorno selvatico, la bahia, y los eternos cambios de color en el cielo que vigila al mar abierto del Pacifico, permiten un espacio con infinitas perspectivas visuales y un resguardo enriquecido por la sintonia de la arquitectura con la naturaleza.

So Cohen’s simply taken the format of the Borat sketches on the show and expanded them into episodes on a sorta-mockumentary East-to-West Coast road trip.

Perhaps it’s easy for us to say this, being in on the joke from the start, but Borat’s such an inherently funny character, it’s hard to believe that anyone could think he’s bona fide.

With his juvenile observations and clueless gangsta-isms, Ali G was an amusing enough creation, but what made him work satirically was seeing him interact with real people.

It wasn’t so much that he was a ludicrous ‘yoof’ TV presenter, but that his unsuspecting interviewees he was a ‘yoof’ TV presenter.